Do you spend a lot of time searching Microsoft 365?

Qwickr is your powerful search application for your entire Microsoft 365 environment. It saves time, removes frustration of not finding what you need and leverages your data to become knowledge.

Many organisations that store their important documents and e-mails in SharePoint, MS Teams, mailboxes, and OneDrive for Business rely on Qwickr.

Key features

Qwickr is a web and/or desktop application.
There is nothing as powerful and sophisticated that simplifies find, sort, filter, group, view and even action on search results.

Set up searches easily

  • Save search actions for re-use
  • Support of SharePoint search scope
  • Spelling suggestions for search terms
  • Track changes of search results and receive notifications

Take action upon results

  • Full MS Office integration to instantly open/edit files or properties 
  • Share search queries and results with others 
  • Bookmark files and locations for easy access
  • Export grid results to Excel
  • Use My Content to quickly access recent files 

Filter & preview

  • Instant preview of commonly used file types & emails
  • Use metadata within grid view to filter, sort and group large result sets
  • Conditional formatting, create rules to mark specific outcomes

Good to know

Intapp Integration

Qwickr is fully integrated into Intapp Collaboration & Content. 


Qwickr is available in English, Dutch, German, French and Norwegian. Additional languages can be added. 

Central configuration & Deployment

Qwickr has an admin mode to set up a central configuration and client deployment. 

Browse & upload

Qwickr also supports browse & upload functionality through the integration with Workhub.

PDF Search results optimisation

Combined with Qontent Reconcile all PDF files will have a text layer (OCR).

Support & services


We help you structure your data in a proper format, ensuring all your documents are stored and indexed and search schemes are configured correctly. So you get the most from Qwickr and speed up your success.


Our ‘implementation toolkit’ includes strong project and change management, profound technical expertise and flexible training. A proven, structured approach based on years of experience.


You can rely on our expertise to make your application secure, efficient and always available. Naturally, we offer high-quality support for your own IT team.

Qwickr is a product of
Transform Data International

We provide easy-to-use digital workplaces based on Microsoft 365, leveraging the powerful and familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook & Teams, focusing on accountancy, consulting, law firms and corporate legal departments.


How businesses use Qwickr

Armstrong Watson

Armstrong Watson Business Advisers & Accountants switched to Microsoft 365 and implements Qwickr to find large set of document and create cross-boxes, own insights, structure data quickly and make it insightful. Read More

Boels Zanders Advocaten

Law firm Boels Zanders deploys Qwickr to help employees work more efficiently: quickly finding information, refining results and marking documents for tracking so they are immediately notified of changes. Read More

Ampyr Solar Europe

Energy solution specialist Ampyr selected Qwickr to optimise their business activities: empower document and e-mail search capabilities for all end-users and monitor contracts to know when action is required. Read More

Atlas Tax Lawyers

At Atlas Tax Lawyers Qwickr ensures the use of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 metadata, allowing users to easily search a large collection of files and quickly refine, sort and group the results, saving valuable time. Read More

Organisations that use Qwickr


Microsoft 365

Qwickr is created to run as a Windows desktop application and can be accessed as a web application within Microsoft Teams. Qwickr performs searches against SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive for Business and personal mailboxes.

Modern authentication

Qwickr uses the Microsoft Graph API to connect to Microsoft 365 and accesses SharePoint/Graph under user context, also known as modern authentication.

Intapp Collaboration & Content

Qwickr integrates seamless with Intapp Collaboration & Content and allows users to launch Qwickr from within Outlook or open search results in Intapp documents.

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